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Court Late with Maintenance Money

Last Friday, October 13th, a group of single parents was almost in tears after being told by the Belize Family Court that they would not be able to collect their monthly maintenance money, which became due at the end of September. They were given the run-around and were not told when the funds would become available. This morning Love News caught up with one of the single mothers, Nicole Avilez, who is affected.

Nicole Avilez

“Well I have problem receiving my money from the Family Court. They stated that the treasury sent over a list and my name was on the list along with my ex name on the list and they showed me the list where my name was on the list and the amount of money and everything was sent over from treasury. Now when I came up here they said that they don’t have any money here for me and they told me that the money would be deposited into my account. So I went to the bank to check my account to see if the money has been deposited and they said no money had been deposited in my account at the time. So I came back here and they said that the money hadn’t been deposited as yet because treasury didn’t send over a cheque. So I said if treasury didn’t send over a cheque why didn’t they tell me that from the beginning, why did they have me up and down, why the back and forth. Then the lady printed off this paper from her system and she told me that they hadn’t received any money as yet but on the paper it stated that they received it from the 28th of September 2017.”

Avilez said that things have been hard since the Belize Family Court has failed to pay the money due to her.

Nicole Avilez

“It’s hard. I have to keep borrowing from my aunt, my mom, from different people in order to survive until I get my money from there. So when I do get my money from the court I owe everyone everything, I won’t have a cent for myself when I’m done paying off the bills that I owe and I still have more bills piling up because with light bill, cable, water, my kids school fees, grocery bills the little money I am getting from here that I depend on won’t suffice all of those things then they still take a long time to pay me so I am just racking up more and more bills in order to survive every day. It’s hard.”


“What would you like to say to the family court?”

Nicole Avilez

“I just want them to clean up their act and put in the people’s money in time. There are a lot of single parents out here that depend on that money from their children’s father that is paid through family court. The least they can do is show a little consideration and pay the money on time to us. We need it, we have our kids that we need to feed.”

Avilez said that it is not the first time that the court has been late with her money. Love News attempted to get a reply from the Director of Family Court, Dale Cayetano, but we were told that he was not available for a comment.