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Court News :::::: Theft, Escape …..

Thirty-one year old Pedro Cadiz, a laborer of 35 Banak Street, will spend the next three months behind bars are he was sentenced today by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after he pled guilty to theft. The incident occurred on October 3 on East Collet Canal Street. The victim, Franklin Molina, reported to the police that he had his tricycle cart parked on the street when it was stolen along with 150 tamalitos and 50 boil corn. Molina said he attempted to get a knife that was on the cart and a struggle ensued between him and Cadiz but Cadiz managed to get away.


Nineteen year old Leon Martinez pled guilty to escape from lawful custody. He was cautioned and discharged when he appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza The incident occurred on September 30 at Ladyville Police Station. Martinez was detained at the station for common assault but he was not charged for that offence. He said the police informed him that they have detained him for burglary and they had him in custody for 72 hours. He said the police beat him and tasered him and he decide to escape because he did not want to end up dead in the cell like his friend, Otto Palma.  Martinez said the opportunity to escape presented itself when he saw that the cell door was open and he came out and went through a window.


Twenty year old Kenneth Lewis, an unemployed of Holy Emmanuel Street, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison when he was unable to meet a bail of $4,500 after he appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoz. He had pled not guilty to a charge of handling stolen goods for a Dell laptop, valued at $4,465. The laptop was stolen from Kenrick Kerr. The police reported that on October 2 they found the laptop when they searched Lewis’ residence.