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Court News

Twenty-two year old Mark Myers, an air condition unit technician of Freetown Road, was remanded into custody when he appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza and was arraigned on charges of attempted murder, grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. The charges are in connection with an incident which occurred around 3 a.m. on November 4, in which Trevor Yaard was shot in his ankle and buttocks. According to reports, Yaard was riding his bicycle on Freetown Road when he was shot. He is reported to be in a stable condition at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Myers’ next court date is December 8.

Mark Rosales and Marcos Basto, two residents of San Pedro, Corozal, who allegedly had false Belizean certificates of registration, were charged with thirteen counts of possession of false documents when they appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. They pled not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Rogers explained to them they can be tried for the offences either in the Magistrate Court or the Supreme Court and that the choice was theirs to make. She also told them that the penalty at the Magistrate Court is a maximum sentence of two years or a fine of six thousand dollars or both fine and imprisonment. She said that the penalty at the Supreme Court is a mandatory sentence of two years. Rosales and Basto were busted with the false documents yesterday in Belize City. The documents had the names of thirteen persons registered as citizens of Belize. Rosales and Basto were each offered a bail of two thousand dollars, but so far, only Basto has met bail. Their next court date is December 29.

Twenty-nine year old Alfredo Singh, one of two persons charged with drug trafficking for one point seven kilograms of cannabis, was fined ten thousand dollars today by Magistrate La Donna John after he changed his plea from not guilty to guilty as took the witness stand and was about to testify. He was given until March 31, 2016, to pay. If he defaults on payment he will serve three years. The second defendant, Emerth Rhaburn, was found not guilty. The incident occurred on April 21, 2015. The police went to a house on Mahogany Street and when they searched the yard they found the cannabis in a black plastic bag under the step.