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Court of Appeal adjourned case for the Owners of Mek Mi Rich

The Court of Appeal was scheduled to hear the case of Curtis Swasey and BTL today.  As reported before, Swasey, after having been awarded $25, 000 in the case against BTL and the owners of Mek Mi Rich, Andre Vega and Sanjay Hotchandani, applied for an appeal because he does not feel that he was duly compensated. The case began in 2015, and in February of 2016 Justice Courtney Abel ruled that the game show’s owners stole Swasey’s idea of lottery texting with the help of BTL.  BTL, which was ordered to pay Swasey, filed an appeal and Swasey filed a cross-appeal which was scheduled to be heard today. The case was adjourned as explained by Swasey’s attorney Senior Counsel Eamon Courtney.

Attorney Eamon Courtney

“Well we were called into chambers by the president and the judges and informed that one of the judges Madam Justice Bertram had recused herself and therefore there was not a compliment to hear the case, we need three judges and so there were only two left and therefore the matter has been adjourned to the next session which will be in March of next year.”


“Was there any reason provided?”

Attorney Eamon Courtney

“No reason was given they just said that there was a reason that she had given to the president and to the other judge why she would not sit.”