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Court Says Jarett Is Guilty of Assaulting a Cop

Thirty-one year old Jarett Crawford, charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer with a firearm, was sentenced to three years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, after he was found guilty of the charge. Crawford and six others were charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and handling stolen goods in relation to the same incident but those charges were withdrawn because the complainant did not want any further court action. The incident occurred on September 5, 2014 at a Chinese shop on Faber’s Road. Police corporal Barrington Flowers testified that based on information he received, he went to a Chinese shop on Faber’s Road and when he arrived there, he saw Crawford coming out of the shop with a firearm in his hand. Flowers, who was dressed in plainclothes, said he identified himself to Crawford and Crawford fired several shots at him. Flowers said he drew his firearm and returned fire and Crawford fired some more shots at him and ran into some bushes. Flowers said two other persons came out of the shop and one of them who had a knife in his hand ran and escaped. Flowers said he detained the second person who had some of the stolen items. Flowers testified that it was when he went to the police station the following day to identify the person he had detained, he saw that Crawford was in custody. Crawford was convicted for shooting at Flowers.