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Court Strikes Down Objections of Several Electors in Port Loyola

Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, struck down today, several objections presented against a list of electors in the Port Loyola Area . Samuel Standford, in the role of Revising Officer presented the objections stated that he investigated the addresses purported which was 3609 North Creek Road and found that the electors who claimed that address never lived there. Standford presented Dorian Anthony as witness and he stated that the electors did not live at that address. Standford also objected to electors that presented their address as 17 Arlington Drive. In this case his witness was Carolyn Burke was stated that she did not know Standford. Objections against electors that stated that they resided at number four Fabers Road and sixty three Central American Boulevard were withdrawn. Port Loyola Area Representative Anthony “Boots” Martinez, was represented by attorney Herbert Panton while Gilroy Usher was represented by attorney Andrew Marshalleck.