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Courts hands over 2019 Toyota Rush to Belize City resident

Courts handed over a brand new 2019 Toyota Rush to lucky customer Jermaine Jacobs, this morning. It was the culmination of a Whirlpool raffle that started in September and ended in early November. Juanita Babb sales representative at the company says the winner was at the store just one day before they stopped receiving entries.

Juanita Babb: “All you need to do to get into the raffle is come in and purchase a Whirlpool product and for every $50 spent on the Whirlpool product you have a chance to enter to win. From what I have known the customer had actually come in and purchased this on November 9th so that is one day before the raffle ended. Whirlpool is known for giving away great products for us at Courts and Courts as a brand we are always striving to give back to our customers, give them back value. You know we love our customers; we love them for supporting us and always reaching out to us to have us provide goods and services that they need and when we do it at Courts we do it big!

To give the handing over that surprise factor, the Courts team went to the Jacob’s work place and with the help of his employer, pretended that he would be part of a commercial. It was during the staged filming that he was informed of his win. Here is his reaction.

Jacobs: I was frightened to come in because my boss set me up. I’m telling you there was a lot of explanation so my heart was pumping but they really caught me with this one.

Dalilah Ical: Did you know about the raffle?

Jacobs: Yes I knew about the raffle? The young lady that we did the business with at Courts said “ fill out some of the tickets man you never know what will happen,” she said.

Dalilah Ical: “How many tickets did you fill out?

Jacobs: Quite a few, I can’t believe this, I can’t believe it. Wow!

Dalilah Ical: So is this for you or your wife now?

Jacobs: It’s for both of us, my wife and I are one and well she is going to use it majority of the time. Wow I just bought a Toyota and I got another one. This is really a blessing.

Jacobs and his wife had the opportunity to choose a vehicle in a color of their liking. The value of the vehicle is estimated at around 69 thousand dollars.