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Courts Introduce E-Filing

Belize’s courts will switch over to the new electronic filing system, a historic step designed to do away with the current paper-based system. Called the Folio e-Filing system, it is expected to help the court system in Belize by moving it into the digital era at a time where delays and inefficiencies are commonplace in the manual case filing process. Justice Westmin James, who hosted the launch on Monday, said that (quote) “litigants can now submit case files electronically, registry documents are stamped, and justices can receive case documents – on our mobile phones and tablets – within seconds of them being filed” (end quote). The system was up and running within six week, largely in part to APEX, the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions. Acting Chief Justice Michelle Arana also emphasised that having access to the APEX technology and expertise from its pool of Caribbean-based legal and judicial experts was major reason that the court was able to implement the e-filing project in record time. The launch of e-Filing represents the first phase of a partnership between the Government of Belize and APEX. Last February, APEX and the Government of Belize signed a development cooperation agreement to accelerate digital transformation of the justice sector in Belize.