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Courts Optical provides students with prescription glasses

Courts Optical issued glasses to 24 students at Canaan Seventh Day Adventist High School this morning. The initiative is led by Unicomer and was established by the company back in 2015. Grisel Carballo, Public Relations at Unicomer says it is another way the company gives back to community.  Over the past weeks the company has been issuing glasses to students across the country following screenings at two high schools in each district. Grisel Carballo, Public Relations at Unicomer says it is another way the company gives back to community.

Grisel Carballo Public Relations Officer, Unicomer: “UNICOMER is established in four other districts so this Courts Optical Brighter View program has been established in all other countries in the Caribbean: Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and so forth. It is the first time we are launching this program in Belize so we had started the program since last year in October and November of 2018 whereby we had screened the schools. It was two high schools per district and we wanted to do this countrywide. Our target is in the ages of 12 to 18 and our aim was for us to target the students that are in financial need whereby their parents can’t afford to buy them eyewear because eyeglasses are expensive on a whole so we had screened over throughout the country which was close to 1000 highschool students from 12 high schools: two high school per district and based on the screening it was only 225 students that needed. For us it is a privilege to be able to give back to students. Our aim for us to is just to partner with students that are in need and of course recommended by the teacher because sometimes students that are in school and especially high school are afraid to say I can’t see or I don’t want to wear glasses depending on the circumstances.”

Some of the students like Malik Augustin and Kyla Nasario have worn glasses before and others like Kimberly Levy have struggled with vision problems throughout their earlier years in school. They told us what the gift means for them.

Malik Augustine Student: “When I was in class I couldn’t see but going back in class now I am seeing now.

Kayla Masario Student: “When I was in standard 5 but it was a thin lens one but it didn’t really work for me because I kept on having pain in my right eye because my right eye is the weaker one and this one is the stronger one. But now since I got these new pair of glasses I am seeing clearly with no pain. It feels much more better and in terms of my school work before I didn’t have these glasses I couldn’t see on the board and I’m the second one in my row but I couldn’t see in terms of the board but now I think I will see much more better. I see clearly now.

Kimberly Levy Student: “My vision is way better and I actually feel better because now I can see everything more clearly than before. I think this would actually help me focus a lot because when I am in class and I am reading I start getting a headache because of my eyes and I think now I won’t be getting headaches anymore.

Students: “Thank you Courts Optical.”

Each pair of glasses carries a cost of $400, taking the total investment by Courts Optical to over ninety thousand dollars.