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COVID-19 Cluster Identified in South Side Belize City

The gravity of the Covid-19 cases in Belize has amped up as clusters have been identified on the south side of Belize City. It is a concerning discovery as the area is densely populated, making it ideal for a super spreader. As it stands tonight, there are seven active hospitalizations and two persons are currently in the Intensive Care Unit. The disease is spreading faster, and perhaps what is more disconcerting is that the local experts believe that the Delta Variant is already here, in-country, although the Ministry of Health and Wellness is yet to receive the results from Baylor College on the gene sampling. All that aside, however, the most crucial point is the concerns growing for residents of Southside Belize City. This information was confirmed to Love News by Prime Minister John Briceno who said that he was informed of this earlier in the week. We asked him how health workers are handling this matter.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “The Minister notified us on Tuesday that now they’ve said they had a cluster in south side so the personnel from the Ministry of Health they’re out there right now, they’ve been out there from last week doing the testing and trying to get people to understand and to try to get people to be quarantined and not to move around so that we do not continue that spread. I want to take the opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to the front line workers, the people at Karl Heusner, the doctors and the nurses and everyone, the technicians at the Ministry of Health. They have been working overtime for more than a year now and I know some of them are reaching to the limit. Some of them are getting stressed out that they need even psychological counselling because of what they’re dealing with. But what they’ve been doing is they’re moving aggressively. The minute they hear there’s COVID in an area they send people to do contact tracing and try to contain it. So far we’ve been lucky that as soon as we hear that there’s an area we go in there and they work and they test and they contain it and then it springs up somewhere else and they go over there. But the best way that people can help our front line workers is wear your mask – well first of all get vaccinated but wear your mask, keep your distance, clean your hands, you know be careful and then don’t get reckless. You know when you’re out there in public and having a drink and you’re meeting people that you don’t know and you take off your mask don’t do that. Help us and if you don’t want to help us at least help our front line workers who are reaching the limit and we need to help them, they need a break. They’ve been working so hard and we need to give thanks to these people every single day all of us Belizeans because thanks to them we’ve managed to try to contain and curtail the spread of COVID19 in Belize.”