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COVID-19 Deaths Surge in Orange Walk

Orange Walk Town has recorded several deaths over the last week, both caused by COVID-19 and other illnesses. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that have left the northern municipality in shock. In speaking on the situation, Mayor Ladrick Sheppard told Love News that because each of these individuals was contributing to the development of the town, their deaths are an immeasurable loss.

Ladrick Sheppard, Mayor, Orange Walk Town: “These people are productive people in the community. For instance DJ Rabb with his music and selling his CD. You talk about Meastro Gadin he was a teacher, he tutored a lot of students after retiring from school students used to go to his house to be educated. You’re talking about Dave Burgo’s son he had a lot of work he was doing in the community. You’re talking about Mr.Matthew Williams played football and gave a lot to his community. This list goes on and on with all these people that we’ve been losing due to COVID and other different diseases. But I must say to my Orangewalkenos that we must hold our heads high and continue praying to the lord and doing the right things in the community so we can overcome this COVID-19 that is hitting us so hard and I say to him we hold all our family members in our hearts and in our minds and I say condolences to all of them. We continue working together because I said with tears in my eyes it hurts a lot because we know these people, we probably had a conversation, had something to eat with them, you know these are the people that would live in the community to see them just disappearing so like this it hurts a lot and I say again let’s do the right thing and get vaccinated.”