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COVID-19 restrictions eased while COMPOL coming down on party goers

Prime Minister Dean Barrow in his Independence Day address yesterday spoke of a decline in the numbers of positive Covid-19 cases.  Today we spoke with Dr Marvin Manzanero to see what the health experts are saying on the recent data.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow in his Independence Day address yesterday spoke of a decline in the numbers of positive Covid-19 cases.  Today we spoke with Dr Marvin Manzanero to see what the health experts are saying on the recent data.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: In terms of overall I guess what you can look at is positivity rate which means how many of your samples were positive out of the total samples that you ran. When you do that you note that we were having, there was a point in time where you were having 30% plus cases turning out to be positive and there was a streak from seven to nine days when we were having less than 20% of the total samples turning out positive and now we have over the last couple of days we have one or two days when you have a little bit of a high number. It fluctuates though I mean granted that there’s a tendency over all it’s the total numbers that was less than what was there before we have to acknowledge hat but I guess you still have to wait and see what’s going to happen once you start churning up numbers from other entities.

Reporter: Can you speak in terms of the current figures the recent infographics ?

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “Well yesterday the overall numbers don’t seem to be that high like I said it depends on what the total numbers you’re looking at but you’re still finding out that we’re still identifying cases in San Pedro, we still have case primarily up north but you can’t say when you look at the map that any single district is behind in terms of what you’re noting; you’re finding it everywhere and the fact that we didn’t find any yesterday for example in Stann Creek or Toledo doesn’t mean that you don’t have any potential cases .Yesterday we only reported eight out of a total of two hundred six tests done so when you do that it’s about 4% positivity rate that’s the lowest number we have seen in a good amount of days but the preliminary data today I believe is almost close to thirty cases; I don’t have the full data but the number seems to have gone up again today.”

While cases are not as high as recent weeks the Police Commissioner Chester Williams says that there are still people who are putting others at risk by insisting on having parties and social gatherings.  Commissioner Williams says he has given a directive to his officers that no one should be pardoned in any instance.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We still have people who continue to behave recklessly. Persons who continue to have social gatherings. May I remind people that the quarantine regulations clearly states that no person shall host any party of which they are inviting anybody from outside the household where the party is being conducted. Which means that if you want to have a party at home you can have a party at home but if dah you one live home that party must be only you one, you one will party. You cannot invite Brother Fem who is your neighbor or Mr.Vasquez who is your cousin, the minute you do that you break the law. Some people are of the view that you can have the party and invite up to ten people that is not so and further down in the regulation I think it’s regulation ten it says that there shall be no social event or activity. So I still can’t understand why is it that everyday the police have to be called to activities where persons are having parties and to some extent I’m upset with the police to because when they go they warn and send home people and I just sent out a directive to them yesterday that we are not ambulance we don’t warn, warn, warn, warn, warn we need to arrest some people so that they get the message that we’re serious. If we continue being like ambulance nobody is going to take us seriously, nobody is going to take these regulations seriously, everybody will continue to behave recklessly and then they’re going to put us all risk again. So I want to make it emphatically clear to the viewers and I hope that you play this piece in your news tonight, that the police will be cracking down on those persons who have the propensity of hosting private parties at their home, inviting persons from outside their household and once you’re caught you will be arrested and you might end up at quarantine at Baldy Beacon so try stay away from that.”

As we noted earlier in our newscast there were three amendments made to the Statutory Instrument.  These amendments are allowing church services to take place with a maximum of ten persons.  Restaurants are now allowed to have dine-in services by reservations only and for a maximum of ten patrons.  These restaurants must have a valid restaurant license.