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COVID-19 statistics thus far

The weekend statistics for Covid-19 saw sixty-two new cases identified with fifteen of them being that of frontline workers.  Among those workers who have tested positive over the weekend, five of them are staff members at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital; four of the five were exposed at a private medical facility in Belize City.  Meanwhile the situation at the Belize Central Prison shows sixteen inmates currently active with Covid-19 along with nine prison officers.  The total number of deaths stands at forty-four including a woman from Orange Walk who passed away on Saturday.  Dr Marvin Manzanero spoke of other cases including a Covid-19 patient who gave birth to a baby girl in the north.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “The numbers in PG or in the Toledo district because it’s not PG it’s more rural Toledo that have started to come up are most of them are related to people who work outside be it we have had people who are in the BDF, Coast Guard, who are coming back home or who are being sent home to quarantine awaiting their results. As is the listing I got is that at least twenty eight total Coast Guards,  I don’t know if all of them are active, had turned out positive at some point in time I don’t know as I said if they’re all active but they are all quarantining home. So that’s where we’re fining the numbers start to rise in some other areas more than others it’s primarily with people who work outside of those communities and come home to quarantine. So that’s what we’re trying to ascertain if people can quarantine closer to where they’re working you know once you identify a big cluster let’s say a certain camp from the BDF you’d rather all of them quarantine together rather than have them go home to twenty different environments and then you run the risk of spreading it even further. We’re also going to concentrate now on the people being discharged not only the people that are dying and people just hearing the numbers of people in the ICU so before we get into the numbers for today I can tell you that two people were discharged from Karl Huesner’s ICU earlier today. Two people were discharged from Orange Walk’s Northern Regional Hospital without having to be referred to Karl Heusner. We had the delivery of a female in Corozal she and her baby were discharged home yesterday and they were doing okay and then this morning midday we only had five patients confirmed at Karl Heusner’s ICU none of them ventilated two of them on high nasal flow of oxygen  and three others on supplementary oxygen. I believe the last note we have is of two patients remaining at the Northern Regional Hospital.”

Reporter: And the male that you’re talking about that died last week that’s the most recent one ?

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: No the on that we had was on Saturday it’s a female from August Pine Ridge in her late fifties. We have another death in a male in his thirties who was picked up as I understand gasping for breath I believe this is in Corozal and the review of the data we have suggests that he had been swabbed twice before so this would have been his third swab. He was swabbed after he died and the reason he was swabbed  before is because of border jumping so we’re waiting for his results, he might be another death that we would have to count.”

Within the Belize Police Department there have been an estimated one hundred officers who have tested positive for Covid-19 since the pandemic took flight within Belize.  Police Commissioner Chester Williams explained that currently some officers are awaiting test results.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:We have a number of twenty two who are still positive. It went down from where we were sixty one it is now twenty two. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began we have had a total of seventy eight officers who have recovered and we have twenty two currently infected that will give us a total of one hundred. Separate and apart from the twenty two who are isolated we have about another forty in quarantine so we still have a number officers in quarantine who are awaiting test results.”

The woman who passed away in Orange Walk over the weekend is a resident of August Pine Ridge in her 50s.  She had been at the KHMH’s ICU for the last two weeks.  Love News understands that her husband is presently hospitalized at the Northern Regional Hospital and their nine children are quarantined.