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COVID19 UPDATE: Ministry of Health detects 34 new coronavirus cases

This is our data for today.

A total of 193 tests were conducted today with a total of 34 new cases identified.

The distribution is as follows:
Corozal District – 9 (7 in town, 1 Consejo, 1 San Andres)

Orange Walk District – 15 (3 in town, 3 Trinidad, 1 San Pablo, 1 San Jose, 1 Nuevo San Juan, 1 Chan Pine Ridge, 1 Guinea Grass, 1 San Luis, 1 San Lazaro, 1 from San Roman in Corozal, but identified in OW and 2 from Hiccattee Creek, Toledo but identified in OW)

Belize District – 7 (2 in Belize City, 3 San Pedro, 1 Caye Caulker, 1 from Unitedville identified at KHMH)

Cayo District – 1 (San Jose Succotz)

Stann Creek – 1 (Independence)

Toledo – 1 (from Cayo)

We have one more death to report (not reflected in infographic as this is just being confrimed) – this is in a male in his 30s from the Cayo District who had been at the ICU of KHMH for over two weeks now

We have 37 recoveries to report

Our active cases stand T 38.5% of the total identified positive cases.