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Area Rep Breaks Ground for Lake I Community Centre

Lake I has broken ground for their first ever community centre. Mark King, Area Representative committed to carrying out community services through programs at the centre while explaining the need of the community centre.


Today we break ground for the first ever community center in Lake Independence. This undertaking is very special. The building that will be built here will stand monumental with its services to this community. The center will serve the men, women, youth and children of Lake I in many ways worthy to their lives. The center will host activities such as free internet for students, feeding programs, computer training for single parents, job related programs that will empower the people of Lake Independence and many other community oriented programs.”

King spoke on the budget that has been set aside for further development of Lake Independence and what his plans are to keep children off the streets.


Well over $50 million dollars will be spent on projects in this area to continue to develop Lake I and its people. PetroCaribe Summer of Sports has seen the children and youths in this community benefit and we will bring much more sports and youth activities to keep our children off the streets.”

The Lake Independence Community Center is to be completed in a couple months.