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Credit Union GM and Gas Company Robbed in Separate Incidents

A San Ignacio man was robbed at gunpoint whilst getting into his vehicle over the weekend.  The report did not come in through the police blotter but we did find out that Raymond Tzul who is the General Manager of the Saint Martin’s Credit Union located in San Ignacio, Cayo District was the victim.  Reports are that on Sunday night, Tzul had just driven up to his home in the company vehicle when he and a friend he was with were approached by three men.  The men were armed with a stick and a firearm.  Tzul and his friend were threatened and the key for the green Isuzu D-Max was taken away and the culprits used the stolen vehicle to escape from the area via the Bullet Tree Road.  Meanwhile, just yesterday morning a pump attendant in Belize City was robbed.  According to police, it was around eleven o’clock on Monday morning when two men went to Southern Choice Butane Limited at mile four on the Philip Goldson Highway.  The men told the pump attendant that they wanted gas and within minutes of them saying that one of the men got behind the pump attendant and held him in a chokehold position, dragged him inside the office and asked where the money was located.  The pump attendant and the Secretary were then locked inside a room while the thieves found an estimated six thousand dollars, the office cell phone and the Secretary’s cell phone.  Three persons have been detained for this incident.