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Crime Incidents continues despite Operation ACT

Operation ACT has been in effect for four full days in Southside Belize City but the weekend was not without incident. Since Friday the Police Department has recorded one murder and two shootings which have left five persons injured. Four of these persons were injured on Sunday around three in the afternoon in a shooting incident that happened on Neal’s Penn road in Southside, Belize City. Police say the group of four was socializing when shots rang out. This morning, the commander of that area, Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal gave more details of the incident in a press briefing.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal

“Around 3 p.m. four persons were socializing on a sidewalk near #10 Neal Penn Road when a lone gunman came and fired shots in the direction of the four persons. The four persons being Mr. Camryn Morera 18 years old of Freedom Street who received a gunshot wound to his buttocks, left elbow and right hand. Godwin Flowers, 28-year-old messenger of #10 Neal Penn Road, received gunshots to his right wrist, right upper arm, and left thigh.   Darren Dawson, warehouse clerk of #10 Neal Penn road also received a gunshot wound to his right upper arm and his left thigh. Mr.Gerald Tillet 67 years of a #64 King’s Street received gunshot wounds to his left thigh. All persons are stable. Mr. Tillett has since been discharged from the hospital. We have a description of the suspect and again this person is being sought.”

Commander Vidal adds that the shooting is gang-related and that police are aware that there was a target as well.  Given the circumstances on the south side of Belize City, the department officials were asked whether the shootings may trigger violence in other areas of the city.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal

“Yes, I can say that the incident is gang rivalry and there was an intended target in that case as well.”


“Now we haven’t been hearing, in all the gang speech we’ve been hearing a lot about the rivalry in Jane Usher in PIV area as well but we haven’t been hearing a lot about the George Street gangs, might an incident like this trigger some sort of an increased activity from that area?”

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal

“Well, I think most incidents have been gang-related and they have been for some time gang-related incidents. We may define them differently but they are gang-related. You have to understand that in a number of these areas there are rivalries that exist and it doesn’t only, it didn’t arise recently it can be that they have feud of a period of time and they seek the opportunity to avenge certain incidents so in  this case as I said this is a gang rivalry incident and as all rivalries we do expect that there will be some form of retaliation and for that purpose then we will put measures in place to ensure that we can apprehend those persons when they do try to commit their crimes.”