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Crime Rate Down in the Twin Towns

Major crimes decreased in 2015 says Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, the officer Commanding San Ignacio Police and the Western Regional Commander. While our news team was in San Ignacio, we got some crime statistics as it relates to the twin towns.

ANDREW RAMIREZ: “The loss of one is one too many. We will try our best in 2016 to try to bring it down to zero, that is a very challenging task but as long as there is away there is a will. The other crime I would like to announced that had a decrease were burglary, kidnapping, rape and arson. We had an increase in relation to unlawful sexual intercourse and robberies. The matter with the unlawful sexual intercourse is a bit interesting the way we are looking at things right now; one because most of these underage females will be Guatemalans. It’s a question that can be a genuine question as an investigator, are they impregnated in Guatemala and come over to have their children so that the whole system protects them allowing them to remain legal within our society? That is a genuine  question that I had posed to my Domestic Violence Unit. Robberies have increased and that is concern like any other crime but I am proud to say that over all the formation has brought down crime by 9% so we fell short of 1%.”

In 2014, San Ignacio police investigated 194 crimes while in 2015 they investigated 177 reported crimes.