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Crime sees a dip nationally but Belize District remains a concern

And while there is continued concern over the crime situation in the country, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, while not providing figures, reports a decrease in most of the country. Still, there is concern over the Belize District but not for the usual reasons. DCP Williams says there has been some shift in the way criminal elements are now operating.

DCP Chester Williams: Most of the regions are down. The region that will see the highest increase will be the Belize District. In the past, the increase in the Belize District was attributed to Southside but I will tell you that Southside is the only division in Eastern Division Region that has a significant reduction and that goes to show the effectiveness of our operations on Southside. The Rural and San Pedro are attributing to the increase in the Belize District.”

It is a situation that the department is narrowing on particularly in regions two and three in the District. However, DCP Williams says, it is not an easy task.

ACP Chester Williams: “Sometimes it requires us to have to be playing with the figures and see where we can put most of our resources but as I have said to the commander of region 2 that I am fully aware to some extent that we have not been giving him the amount of support that he should be getting and moving on from today I promised him that I will be putting additional resources within region two to be able to assist them in assuring that we contain the crime problem with that area. We do not want to see region two become what region one once was and so we have to ensure that we strike a balance in terms of how we police both region one and region two as well as region three because region three is right on the outskirts of one and two and when things get too hot in the city you then find the next option is to go into the rural areas. So we must take all these things into consideration whenever we develop any strategy to be able to address our crime problems.”