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Criminal and internal investigations ongoing in Camalote Police shooting

Police Corporal Luis Matute of Camalote Village remains on duty as the police department continues to investigate the incident in which the officer shot 44-year-old Truman Parham. As reported before, the incident happened around 6:30 on Monday evening. Today ACP Joseph Myvett explained what they understood happened after Parham reportedly entered Matute’s yard wielding a machete.

ACP Joseph Myvett: He was making certain comments and advancing towards Corporal Mattuete who identified himself as police officer and ordered him to stop. One warning shot was fired which did not desist Mr. Param from continuing, as a result a second shot was fired which caught him to his left arm in an effort to try and disarm him however he continued and that was when the third shot was fired which caught him in the left side his abdomen. As a result he then ran into a nearby pasture and made good his escape and there after he was transported to the Western Regional Hospital. Police has commenced an investigation into this matter where Corporal Mattute licensed firearm, licensed 9mm pistol was retrieved along with a magazine loaded with 13 live rounds, two expended shells were taken from the scene.

Reporter: Any of the witnesses or eye witnesses who were there collaborated the officer’s story.

ACP Joseph Myvett: Yes at the time of the incident Corporal Mattute was along with several family members who witness the incident.

Police say they are still working to ascertain a motive for Parham’s armed visit to Matute’s house. They add that Matute has known the intruder for many years.

ACP Joseph Myvett:Mr. Mattute has indicated to us that he is familiar with Mr. Param as he has come across him several times during the course of duty and he had known Mr. Param for the last ten years. Upon Mr. Param entering the yard he was uttering certain comments which caused Corporal Mattute to approach and inform him that he was a police officer and to stop.

 Reporter: Sir were those comments threat.

ACP Joseph Myvett: Yes

Police report that Parham is the relative of one of two persons who were arrested the day before for a separate incident. That information is being looked at as the investigations continues. Parham remains under police guard at the hospital.