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Criminals find out they Owe the Court

A well-known criminal decided to commit a crime near home. 46 year old Jason Wade, an unemployed resident of 47 B Egbert Quilter Avenue in Ladyville felt it was a good idea to burglarize his neighbor who is also his landlord. 19 year old Nasheera James reported to police that on Thursday, April 4, she left home and when she returned she found the bathroom door broken. She made checks inside and noticed a 20 pound sack of rice and a cantaloupe juice was missing. Police arrested Ken for burglary, since the broken door led to his apartment. When he appeared before Magistrate, Christine Perrera, he pleaded not guilty to the burglary charge of items valued at $34. Because he is well known to the halls of justice, a check was made and the court records verified that he owed the court $610. Apparently the life of crime had taken a toll, since he suggested to the magistrate that he wanted to go to jail as he needed a rest from being in society.  Magistrate Perrera offered him bail in the sum of $7,000 plus one surety of the same amount which he was unable to meet which allowed Wade to get his break from society and take temporary residence at the Belize Central Prison. Wade’s next court date is set for June 10.  Also in the courts, a Belize City resident who was busted for robbery found out he already had an unpaid debt. 32 year old Phillip Roberts, a city mechanic is accused of abetment to robbery.  The allegation made against Roberts is that on February 21, in Hattieville, he aided and encouraged Carlton Belisle and Tyrone Belisle in the crime of robbery. 35 year old Arkaitz Herrero Manso reported to police that on Thursday, February 21, at 8:30 a.m., he was cycling on George Price Highway. Upon passing the Mile 18 marker, a black vehicle accosted him on the highway.  According to Manso, a man exited the vehicle with a .38 revolver in his right hand and said “Give me all you got.” Another man exited the car and they relieved him of his belongings which included 2 cell phones, a credit card and $200. The following day, Hattieville police arrested and charged 27 year old Carlton and 21 year old Tyrone Belisle for robbery. Today their friend had his day in court. Roberts, who was unrepresented, appeared before Magistrate, Khadeen Palmer in Court 6 where he was read a single charge of abetment to robbery.  He pleaded not guilty.  There was no objection to bail by the prosecutor, Corporal Kennard Clark and Magistrate Palmer offered him bail in the sum of $4,000 plus one surety of the same amount.   But Roberts owes the court $1,615 as he was also once a convicted ganja farmer. Magistrate Palmer ordered that before he could post bail, he must settle his old debt for growing marijuana. Phillip Roberts next court date is set for June 10, 2019.