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Is there a hit on on notorious Belize City resident ?

The Belize Police Department is in possession of a disturbing video posted on Facebook last night. The video is from Belizean artist, “Criss Dih Nitro” and he says that a hit has been placed on Kenneth ‘Big Tom’ Flowers. In his four minutes video, “Criss Dih Nitro”, alleges that a state-sanctioned hit has been placed on ‘Big Tom’, something that the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and the CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Retired Colonel George Lovell, denied today at an impromptu press briefing.

Criss Dih Nitro: “The man came and said outright out of his own mouth that he got orders from the higher boss to set a hit on my general who is Big Tom Kenroy Flowers and they are putting it to us that they will do it.”

Commissioner Allen Whylie: “I cannot understand why a sensible police officer would say the things that this individual is claiming the police officer said and so whilst that matter will be looked into I very much doubt that that is so.”

Criss Dih Nitro: “Unu can’t play with my general, if you play with my general I am not threatening anybody but half of Belize is on your head, it’s not a threat, it’s reality. You have children and the moment you say certain things out of your mouth you should realize that, law of attraction things might just happen to you, things you wouldn’t wish upon yourself or loved ones you get the sense. Make sure you know what you are doing.”

Commissioner Allen Whylie: “The video and the contents are very alarming and concerning to me because it makes threats not only against police officers and their families and children but it also makes threats against the ordinary citizens of Belize. Those threats the police will not be taking lightly.”

CEO George Lovell: “It doesn’t matter how upset we are or how we feel, man we have to be more responsible. I see it as a very irresponsible act simply because people will hear those things and there are certain people who will act on those things even without the individual going there and telling them to do certain things and that is the danger of those kinds of messages being sent through Social Media and for that I personally do not support it and condemn it.”

Criss Dih Nitro:You want to see the people rise against you like how they do in America, and Jamaica and other spots? Do you want us to plant some bombs at your stations? Just like how you have guns, guns are around too. Just like how you have grenades, grenades are around too. I am being straight up with you people this is a serious matter. I’m not playing.”

Commissioner Allen Whylie: “I can tell you that that young man will be located, he will be detained, we will be looking at all available laws with a view to see where we can if possible criminally charge him. We cannot have persons using social media to incite violence and insight fear to citizens across this nation, we cannot have people using social media because they may be annoyed or aggrieved to be issuing threats against law enforcement officers and their families.”

Criss Dih Nitro: “Don’t play with the head. I am an October man and I am determined and I guarantee we are coming.”

Commissioner Allen Whylie: “The police has a statutory obligation to enforce the laws of this country and they will continue to do so fearlessly, they will continue to be in the face of criminal elements, complaints will be made and each complaint that is made will be investigated by the professional standards branch.”

So what does Flowers has to say about all of this? Well according to Flowers, he fears for his life because he is being blamed for something he is not involved in. Flowers told the media that recently, law enforcement officers shot and killed his dog and today, his friend was physically abused by law enforcement officers.

Kenneth Flowers ‘Big Tom’: “My life is being threatened every day from different people. I am supposed to die the 26th of October so that is what is out there. So I don’t know what day it is today but I’m supposed to die on the 26th of October I have it in a message. I don’t know exactly what the problem is but at the same time they are blaming me for things I know nothing about. So I’m just trying to clear myself because I am a Belizean too. Everybody has something that they’ve done wrong but it seems that the police don’t do investigations; they only go by hearsay so at the end of the day my life is in jeopardy if they are going by hearsay and someone is accusing me of something without them doing an investigation and finding out the problem. I must fear for my life because then you have the police coming every day, I’m getting threats every day and then I already see what they do to my friends consistently the police just go and kill you and nothing come out of it. I just sent Unlimited to my house for a suit of clothes because I don’t trust the police and it looked like the police met Unlimited there and they beat him and abused him there when that youth was just a Belizean artist doing positive things but at the same time I fear for my life, I don’t want to go to my house every day they go there. They just went and shot my dog when it was chained up. So imagine that was the example they are showing me of what they are going to do to me.”

Flowers is being accused of being involved in the recent murders of Jason and Shaquawn Almendarez and denies any involvement in their deaths.

Kenneth Flowers ‘Big Tom’: “The Almendarez Family I have nothing to do with your son’s murder. We are supposed to be family so how would I have your son killed? So at the end of the day I think the police are just going off of their own hearsay and they are causing the same problem to get people to blame somebody for their fault. People will say “this one wants to kill me” or “that one wants to kill me”, I don’t know if they have their own problems and issues, at the end of the day they got killed because they say me and his brother had a talk and the other one that got killed said I was involved with his brother killing; so now he’s dead so who do you think they will come for?”