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Crocodile that killed eight year old girl captured and killed

The 14-foot crocodile believed to have killed the 8-year-old girl was killed.  ACP Edward Broaster explained how it happened.

“The body of the crocodile was discovered yesterday at about 6:45pm in the river in the Maypen village area.”

Reporter: Can you confirm how the crocodile died?

Edward Broaster: “Gunshot wounds.”

Reporter: How have you all been able to confirm that that is indeed the crocodile that killed the girl?

“Because like I had briefed the media earlier the residents of Maypen saw the crocodile with the child in its mouth and shot the crocodile and that is when it released the child and we found the crocodile yesterday at 6:45pm.”

The incident occurred over the weekend in Maypen Village, Belize District.  The child had gone swimming with three other children and an adult when she was taken by the reptile.