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Crooked Cops Caught Facilitating Drug Plane Landing

Amid the drugs and weapons, Police also impounded several vehicles including a brown Nissan Qashqai belonging to a Police Sergeant who was once assigned to the former Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). The Nissan SUV was only one of several vehicles involved in the drug landing.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We also conducted search of a white Nissan Rogue which was left on the scene by the plane and inside that Nissan Rogue we found five assault rifles. One of the rifles we have identified to be that which was stolen from the police station in Succotz during a burglary. The other four are not known to us but we have those in custody along with 17 magazines each containing 30 rounds so if you were to do 30 times 17 I think it takes you to 510 rounds of ammunition so you see how these people were heavily armed. We recognized the vehicle to be a vehicle that was used by Sgt. Ferguson who is assigned to Operations Office in Belmopan. And so inside the vehicle we also found some documents which bears the name of Sgt. Ferguson. So we know for a fact that based on what we have found on the scene police officer are involved in this latest plane landing. We believe that other than Sgt. Ferguson that there may be two other police officers involved. We currently have those two police officers in custody and we’re still seeking Sgt. Ferguson.”

And while Sergeant Ferguson is being sought and two others are detained, Police Commissioner says the good cops of the south are to be given credit for their bravery.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I have to commend those four officers in particular who were the first on the scene and who despite being under heavy power and being outmanned they were still able to try and make an interception and again the team that responded in support of them from Dangriga and Independence again they too helped tremendously in ensuring that we were able to sterilize the area until additional back up arrived. And so like you rightly said often times the police do good work and it goes unnoticed.”