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Crooked Tree Causeway Gets Overdue Attention

Crooked Tree Village is the home to about a thousand people and is an area that seems to only get attention during election time or when the rains come and the causeway gets flooded.  There is, however, some good news this evening as funding of just under one million dollars has been approved for a feasibility study on the causeway to take place as well as designs for its upgrade.  While there is no announcement of immediate works on the causeway or the Crooked Tree Road, it is a start in the direction of the improvement of quality of life for those who reside there.  The monies are coming in the forms of a grant and a loan with two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars being the loan portion from the Caribbean Development Bank and one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars coming in the form of a grant from the European Investment Bank under the Grant Facility for Climate Action Support to CDB.  According to the Chief in the Economic Infrastructure Division at CDB, Andrew Dupigny, “With the changes that we are seeing as a result of climate change, there is a very real possibility that there will be an increased risk of more frequent flooding at Crooked Tree, as well as inundation of the road and causeway. This represents a significant health, welfare and livelihood risk to residents. This project aims establish technically viable solutions to establish all-weather access to the Crooked Tree Village, as well as improve community resilience.”  End of quote.  As part of the project, a vulnerability assessment of the Crooked Tree community will also be undertaken, and mitigation measures identified to improve resilience to climate change.It will be implemented by Belize’s Ministry of Works, Transport and the National Emergency Management Organization.