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Crooked Tree causeway to be upgraded

The Crooked Tree causeway will be upgraded this year. This is according to Area Representative for Belize Rural North, Edmond Castro. Over the past years, Crooked Tree Villagers have complained that the causeway needed to be upgraded and elevated because heavy rains have damaged portions of the causeway. During the rainy season, the lagoon rises, making it impossible for villagers to use the causeway. According to Castro, funding has been secured for works to begin soon.

Edmond Castro – Area Representative for Belize Rural North

We are getting all of the preliminary assessments and so on and evaluation, whatever it is they are doing but the engineers are out there and the funding is already secured so we are expecting that sometime this year for sure we will be seeing the haulage of material, the raising of the causeway and that will be a major accomplishment for not just myself but for my villagers in Crooked Tree. You know the history and the past whenever it used to flood and the water comes down from out west we end up with problems sometime right through Christmas boating people back and forth to Crooked Tree so now once and for all we will solve that problem and we will raise the causeway and hopefully pave it nice and beautiful and that part of the country will be very happy.”

Reporter: One of the things I think villagers would want to ask is why did it take so long.

Edmond Castro – Area Representative for Belize Rural North

“My brother I am the area representative since 2008. There had been sixty years of representation before me and nobody got it done and even the one that is there now we have to constantly do work on it to make sure that it was in better condition so that the people could commute back and forth so I can’t blame those people sixty years before me I can only focus on where I took over and it will be under my time that we will see the causeway to Crooked Tree done once and for all in the best of shape like the rest of the infrastructure work that we are doing in this country.”

In 2014, Benjamin Gentle lost his life after two Coast Guard vessels collided while transporting villagers to and from the village due to flooding of the Crooked Tree Causeway. The incident angered the villagers and prompted Gentle’s father to launch a civil suit against the Government of Belize. A year after the incident, GOB settled the matter at a cost of two hundred thousand dollars.