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Crooked Tree’s Softball and Cricket Field gets face-lift

The National Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports refurbished the softball and Cricket Field in Crooked Tree Village.  Director for the National Sports Council, Ian Jones, Minister Edmond Castro, and Village Chairman John Gillett spoke with Love News.

Ian Jones – Director, National Sports Council

“This project was initiated through lobbying between the Hon. Edmond Castro and Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber in terms of rehabilitating this facility. It is a facility that is used almost every day by the villagers in Crooked Tree. It is used for football, cricket, softball and basketball. Most recently, the softball team had sent a request for assistance so I visited the facility to see what was needed.  After seeing what was needed, we decided to proceed with rehabilitating this facility. We have decided to put up lights up around the entire field so during the night they can use the facility to train or practice. We also noticed that the basketball court already had light but they were nonfunctional. We decided to replace those lights so we ran the electricity and the electrical so that it was more efficient and safer. It showed some risk that it could provide for the public. Also we decided to add the fence around the perimeter so we could protect the facility.”

Edmond Castro – Area Representative

“I think it is a wonderful thing. The more youths we could get involved in sports, the less crime we will have in our rual communities so it must be commended.”

John Gillette – Chairman, Crooked Tree Village

“This will certainly complement the work that the village council has been doing. I highlighted the work which the village council has been doing. We have just completed this 92 ft bleacher here, we have done other bleacher on the showgrounds, we have completed 38 permanent stalls, we have refurbished the bathroom facilities as well as the storehouse. This that was inaugurated today will certainly help us a long way.”