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Cross-Border Meeting on Migration

When it comes to Belize, it is uncertain at this time, how many people are migrating from Mexico to Belize and vice a versa.   Belize and Mexico are in the process of building capacity as it relates to migration in order to better understand the dynamics between the two countries. Several meetings have taken place in this regard, with the latest held on Wednesday, August 14, in Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Love News spoke with Rene Chuc, Head of Office at the International Organization for Migration, IOM, about the outcome of the meeting.

Rene Chuc, Head of Office, IOM: “In the discussion of this year’s meeting was that information for migrants needs to be made available at border points both at the western border and the northern border and it was highlighted also the need to share information even at the international airport. This is gonna be one of the activities that we would be engaged in, even as we speak we are already planning for how we are going to be sharing this kind of information to migrants who either are coming into country to actually resettle here and work in Belize or those migrants who are planning just to pass through Belize heading to the north to the Mexican border. Information is going to be made available in-country through the preparation and distribution of brochures. We intend to set up booths at the entry points, the international airport where we would be able to share wide information for migrants both in English and Spanish at least that is the priority for now. We do understand that the other populations and perhaps in the near future in the other phase of the project we are foreseeing in making sure that this information is also available in other languages that we can identify the specific groups of migrants that either come to Belize or pass through Belize.”

 Representatives from the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Human Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Labour were present at the meeting. With the recent influx of migrants into the United States of America, Central American countries have been forced to re-examine its migration policies, especially in the face of the USA threatening to cut off aid to these countries.