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Denny Grijalva is UDP Standard Bearer for O.W. Central

Denni Grijalva came to worldwide infamy in 2013 when heavy equipment from his business De-Mar’s Stone Company, demolished large portions of the central pyramid for limestone to fill roads in Douglas Village with gravel.  The dust on Nohmul has settled and his political career has risen from the rubble. Grijalva is the new UDP Standard Bearer for the Orange Walk Central Constituency. On Sunday, Grijalva defeated his opponents, Yvette Liu Torres and Evan Williams. An elated Grijalva told Love news that he won by a large margin over his opponents.

Denny Grijalva Cruz – UDP Standard Bearer, Orange Walk Central Constituency: I was very confident that I was going to win because I have been working for the past five to six years in the division and you know you manage to develop some relationship with the voters.

Orange Walk Central is a PUP stronghold, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, is the Area Representative, therefore, Grijalva has his work cut out for him. However, Grijalva told us that he is willing to rise to the challenge and it won’t be the first time he will be going up against Briceno. Grijalva pointed out that in the last general elections, he was able to narrow the margin with Briceno.

Denny Grijalva Cruz – UDP Standard Bearer, Orange Walk Central Constituency: “We just have to continue doing what we have been doing and bring down the margin some thousand and odd votes to I think it’s six hundred votes. We have opened an office now and people, Central have an office to voice their concern and then we will continue in teaching with the people of Central and I think what need in Central is you know what is needed almost all over the country’s infrastructure and also we need to see how we can bring jobs to the area.”

The UDP continues to hold conventions in preparation for the upcoming general election. There will be two conventions on the second of December; one in Lake Independence and the other in Cayo South.