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Cuba and Belize sign MOU on institutional cooperation

Cuba and Belize have solidified their collaborative work in the area of culture and research. Both countries signed a memorandum of understanding this morning. President of the National Institute of Culture and History, Sapna Budhrani says the initiative was about two years in the making and follows a recent visit by Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Patrick Faber to Cuba. Budhrani and Pedro Pablo Rodriguez of Cuba’s Centro de Estudios Martianos (CEM), signed a Memorandum of Understanding today to establish an institutional cooperation agreement. She adds that it is a step in the right direction as it relates to the relationship between both countries.

President of NICH Sapna Budhrani: “Here in Belize and in Cuba where it goes back to the 1700s of a relationship between Belize and Cuba so this is the starting point of ensuring that both parties could work together and share our resources to get the documents together. It is not only a research collaboration but this one in specific is for research. We expect to collaborate in the Houses or Culture, Arts, History and whatever it has to do with the culture we expect to do that. Before the signing, Mr. Senior Pablo Rodriguez visited a number of schools, the archaeological site and got invited to join the archives and the library to exchange ideas and have some brief discussions on our way forward so coming forward we have a lot of work ahead of us. It is not only research but the Institute of a Centro De Martianoz is specific to research mainly. We are hoping to publish as we go along. That is our hope and our vision moving forward, to share the knowledge that we have through social media, to the media and everyone so we do plan to share whatever we have come together with at a later date.”

MOU framework is for four years but can be extended.