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Cuban artist collaborates with Belizean

A picture is worth a thousand words; it is why artists use this avenue to express their thoughts, emotions and passion.  This is the case for Belizean artist, Carlos “Lito” Quiroz and Cuban artist, Carlos Alejandro Falco Chang. The two artists felt that their particular art styles and the chosen messages were similar enough to collaborate.  Love News was able to attend the exhibition opening yesterday.

Yasser Musa – Director, Image Factory: “I think the best way to begin is with the name of the exhibition Canyar. Ca is Yucatec Maya word that means two Nyar is an African word that means two and the exhibit involves two artists: Falco from Cuba, Lito from Belize and our two brothers have collaborated on a Graphic Art Exhibition as you have seen inside. I would say and characterize it as very thought-provoking and conscious building. The artist design works that are very simplistic when you look at them however when you contemplate, reflect and think about what you are seeing, a lot of deep ideas come forward. Ideas about what we are doing to the planet, ideas about how nations oppress each other. Ideas about gender inequality, ideas about society, about war, about peace.”

Carlos ‘Lito’ Quiroz – Graphic Artist: “I think one of the reasons why Yasser thought it was a good idea to bring Falco and I is because I express to Yasser that I liked Falco’s style of very straight to the point, instant graphic, very minimalist but heavy concept style and very bright, bold colors. He thought if I was interested and I liked his style that it would be a good idea to bring us together but also because our interests align in that we want to use our art not only just for aesthetic purposes but for transadvocating messages.”

Carlos Alejandro Falco Chang – Cuban Artist: “It is very important for me as a Cuban artist to be involved in this kind of project with a Belizean artist.” 

Yasser Musa – Director, Image Factory: “At the end of our presentation, we as artists made a very important statement about the Helms-Burton law that the United States has now enacted, imposed on Cuba but this law again is just the most recent attack on our sister country and we stand in firm solidarity with the people of Cuba.”

Carlos ‘Lito’ Quiroz – Graphic Artist: “I felt that is an injustice to the people of Cuba and I needed to do something to make a statement about the issue and that was how that one came about.”

The exhibition will be replicated across the country.  Today there was an opening ceremony at Corozal as well as the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk. On Friday the exhibition will open at the Gulisi Garifuna Museum and on Saturday morning it will be in Cayo and in the afternoon in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town. ////////