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Cuban nationals charged for illegal entry

Six Cuban nationals were caught illegally in Belize this morning.  They are three men, 37 year old Duniesky Cupul, Yurixander Escalona, and Gardenia Figueredo.  The three females are 37 year old Yusdenia Peña, Andria Peralta, Anisely Reynaldo. Sources to Love News is that police got tipped off that a taxi van was enroute to the northern border and in it were traveling illegal persons.  Police quickly responded and waited at the Orange Walk bypass where they intercepted a blue color Toyota van with Corozal license plates being driven at the time by a San Narciso resident, Police did not find anyone in the van but carried out an inspection of the vicinity, where they discovered six persons hiding in the bushes. Police suspected they were illegal visitors and requested proper identification.  They could not prove they were in the country legally and as a result were transported to the police station along with the taxi man.  Our sources say the Cuban nationals said they entered Belize illegally via the western border with Guatemala.  They were heading north with the hopes of reaching the USA.  All six persons are expected to be criminally charged for illegal entry before being deported.  It is unclear at this time what charges if any will be levied on the taxi driver.