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Cubans and Salvadorans Illegaly Enter Belize

On April one at two thirty p.m. the police department in the Orange Walk District received a report about foreign nationals acting suspiciously and being transferred from one vehicle to the next in bush close to the Belize Sugar Industries along the Chan Pine Ridge Road. The police department sent a team of officers including Special Branch and the Crimes Investigation Branch into the area. They also employed the services of a drone from BSI to help them comb the area from the skies.  The police then intercepted a Jeep Cherokee with license plate number C-06121 which was being driven by Alfredo “Mono” Osorio, a 41 year old man from Santa Cruz Village in the Orange Walk District. The cops also captured a gold colored Nissan Pathfinder with license plate number C-20375 driven by Bernal Osorio, a 29 year old resident also of Santa Cruz Village. Careful police inspection of the overgrown terrain led to the discovery of 7 male & 3 females who claimed to be Cuban residents. They had informally told the officers that they had entered Belize through an illegal crossing near the Belize Western Border. They Cubans were on their way north to the border with Mexico where they would cross and then onto their final destination, the United States of America. The Cuban citizens have been identified as 31 year old Zenia Caridad Garcia Rodriguez; 29 year old Meylin Vidal Montero; 28 year old Yanisleidys Sardinas Dominguez; 39 year old Ocleidi Paz Blanco; 45 year old Alexander Gutierrez; 32 year old Juan Carlos Diaz; 32 year old Iaz Crespo; 21 year old Dayan Gutierrez Rodriguez; 32 year old Ricardo Garcia Ferrer; 40 year old Elieser Gonzalez Ramirez and 40 year old Yulier Gutierrez Perez. At few hours later at 5:15 p.m., the joint police team detained another Cuban national, identified as 30 year old Leonardo Evelio Fabelo. Fabelo was found along the Chan Pine Ridge Road. The Cuban nationals were all taken to the Orange Walk Police Station where Immigration Department officials would process them.


The police made a second bust of foreign nationals who illegally entered Belize. This time the cops found 8 Nicaraguans at the 24 hour gas station on the outskirts of Orange Walk Town. On Monday at 6:30 p.m. the cops seized a brown Plymonth van with license plate number C-06283. The driver was identified as 33 year old Nelson Orlando Caseras, a fruit vendor from Carmelita Village. The van was occupied by central American nationals identified as: 32 year old Jose Alexander Rivas Arvealo of El Rosario , La Paz, Salvador; 30 year old Reyner Oswaldo Ponce Castellanos of Nueva Segura Ocotcel, Nicaragua; 21 year old Ingris Jokata Sandoval VALDEZ of Nueva Segura Ocotcel Nicaragua; one year old Lian Jokasta Ponce Sandoval of Nueva Segura Ocotcel Nicaragua; 19 year old Denilson De Jesus Ventura Guzman, a Guatemalan farmer of Ipala Chiquimula; 17 year old Karen Yanin Tercero Ojeda of Bario Solotran, in Managua Nicaragua; 28 year old Helder Janisse Espinoza Castellanos of San Juan, Limey Nicaragua and 7 year old Angeli Cecilia Urbina Espinoza, also of Nicaragua.  Nicaragua. Neither the Cubans nor the Nicaraguans could produce valid visitors’ permits upon request of the investigating officers. The resident of Carmelita Village, Nelson Caseras was detained pending the outcome of the human smuggling investigation.