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Culprit Caught on Camera at Motor Solutions

Well known auto-dealership, Motor solutionsMotor Solutions,located in Belmopan has been, over the last few months,  being robbed of goods from the compound.  John Banman, an associate of Motor Solutions, in his statement to the authorities, said that the company had been talking to the police about the recent robberies and estimated the goods to a total of two thousand two hundred and forty dollars.  Some of the activities surrounding the theft was caught on surveillance camera in which the culprit was clearly identified.  Police then visited the compound on Tuesday and found a 31-year-old man on the compound with a black Michelin floor jack and an extension cord. Police proceeded to conduct a search in a nearby area about twenty five feet away from Motor Solutions compound where they recovered two Atlas brand batteries, a white and black vehicle battery, a radiator frame and an air conditioning unit. Vernon is now in police custody and is pending charges.