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Cultural Development Fund established

Today at the Belize Museum, an opening ceremony was held in light of the Cultural Fund Development that has been established as part of a collaboration between NICH and the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture. The president of NICH, Sapna Budhrani, was able to tell us more.

Sapna Budhrani – President of NICH: “We are launching the Belize Cultural Development Fund, that is a fund available to any cultural stakeholder, any creative stakeholder, whoever does any work for culture, arts, history, and creativity. Today we gave one, a major grant, to the NGC Peini Branch. They are building a museum in PG so we are assisting with that. Other recipients were the Ek”Balam team and Ms. Felicita Cantun received on their behalf but that was prior to today’s launch and the COEICH group. The procedures are on the policy, it is detailed in there and I don’t think there will be many questions. There is an application form along with the policy presently and you can go on our website to check it out. You need to be registered with NICH, the registration form is there because many of them are not registered. I can give you more details some other time but we have four cycles: the first cycle ends June 28th and we have subsequent cycles, the funding is coming mainly from NICH at this moment. We hope to ask private institutions to partner with us on some of the projects that will come at a later date, all of the funding presently comes from NICH.”

Budhrani was not able to disclose the value of the fund today as she said it depends on how much income NICH receives. ///////////////