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Culvert Collapses at Mile 40 on Philip Goldson Highway

On Friday night, a culvert on Mile 40 on the Philip Goldson Highway collapsed. This failure became a new challenge for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development following last week’s rains and floods. This situation means that there are at least five areas of concern that the ministry is addressing to ensure there are no major disruptions to traffic in and out of the northern districts. The Ministry’s Engineering Coordinator Evondale Moody spoke to our newsroom about the response. 

Evondale Moody, Engineer Coordinator, MIH: “What happened is, we had a 600 mm diameter culvert. It’s an Armco Culvert, again, that had collapsed. Once I was notified with respect to that collapse, I was able to notify the team to do a temporary measure to backfill that area so that the traffic could be continuous on the Philip Goldson Highway until when we could install a new culvert. As i is right now, the collapsed section has been compacted with some road based material that we were able to fill that section with and today we are doing an assessment of that structure and the idea is that we will replace that with a 900 mm culvert which is a larger structure using concrete culverts rather than the existing Armco that existed in place. Under the project, we have a number of culverts that we are currently replacing. However, we were able to do an assessment of two sections between mile 24 and Carmelita where we have 11 existing Armco culverts that require replacement. Of those 11, one of them were the one that collapsed on Friday. The other one was unexpected and so definitely we would have to change that triple 600 mm diameter culvert. From Carmelita going forward, we also have another 13 existing culverts that are within the Orange Walk Town Bypass roundabout and the Ramate Road that needs to be addressed as well. So, in total we’re looking at about 24 culverts that we will have to do replacement on under that project.”

While the situation has been rectified for the short term, motorists are urged to approach the area with caution.