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Curfew Regulations Extended Yet Again

The Minister of Health and Wellness Michel Chebat has announced that effective Monday, July twenty-six the curfew regulations will be extended. The new curfew hours will be from nine p.m. to four a.m. According to Chebat, the extension is due to the current spike in COVID-19 cases seen across the country. The Minister also announced that other measures will be implemented including those to address the large number of people that gather for church service.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “I believe we are at the preliminary stages of a third wave. We are taking additional measures. I want to put the whole country on notice that starting on Monday as a result of the increase in numbers that we are seeing, as a result of the fact that we are not observing the public health measures which are intended to curb the numbers we are gonna be looking at a new timeframe for the curfew. As of Monday curfew will begin across the country from nine o’clock and it’s gonna go on to four o’clock in the morning. So that’s an additional measure we’re taking into place. Also we’re looking at throughout the country we’re looking at the villages where we have increasing numbers and a lot of the index cases are arising from places of worship. We have asked before , we’ve asked the churches to please control the numbers, to please make sure that their members are observing the public health measures it has not been happening and so as of Monday we will also be closing down those places of worship in these villages where we have expanding numbers. And this again is really to safeguard the health of the Belizean people. It costs the Government of Belize, it costs the tax payers of Belize millions of dollars and so we’ve implemented the public health measures, we’ve seen that people have fallen back on it, they’re not observing them and as a consequence we’re seeing an increase in numbers and so we must tighten the rope a little bit to safeguard everyone.”