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Curfew Will Not Solve the Problems, Says Minister Martinez

Minister of HUman Development, Anthony “Boots” Martinez gave his view on the curfew being implemented on the southside of Belize City by Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. Martinez said the curfew will not solve the problems of youths and there is much more for that can be done.


“A lot of the incidents involve minors and happen during bright day light hours so the ongoing problem in my view is not one of a lot of children out after 9pm they shouldn’t be there but I am saying that we need to look at what is the reality. The reality is that too many children are out of school when they should be in school idling about and then they fall prey to the criminal elements and that in my view if you take that into consideration and we work towards that I think we will be getting somewhere. Looking on only children that are out after 9pm won’t cut it. The amount of children out after 9pm the police will tell you is minimum, even when they announced the curfew but that doesn’t remove the problem. In my view the problem is the daylight hours problem and I think that moving forward is very important to me and to me that is the very sticking point that I am willing to try to see through working with the police and the community.”