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Customs Officer Drowns in Corozal Bay

The body of a customs officer was retrieved from the Corozal Bay yesterday. Valdemar Alpuche Jr., who is better known as ‘Bambito’, was with his daughter and other persons in Corozal Bay jet-skiing when something went wrong causing the Jet Ski to overturn. All those on the Jet Ski were flung into the waters and while the others managed to surface, Alpuche Jr did not.  A search for his body was immediately launched and after two hours of searching, his body was retrieved. His cousin, Rosario Melendez, told Love News that Alpuche’s death has not only shocked the family but the Corozal Community.


“He was very kind and loving person to all of us especially to his sisters, his brothers, his mom; he loved his children so much and we also loved him dearly. He was always kind and always willing to help even when at work he was always understanding and trying to help people. He will remain in our memories forever, and in our hearts and we will always love him.”


“Would you say he’s a dedicated person to his job and to his career?”


“Yes he was, he had a high position and he was dedicated to his job and his family and we still cannot believe what happened. I was hoping that I would wake up this morning and realize it was a dream but it’s not.”

Alpuche was a career customs officer and was stationed in Belize City.