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Customs Officer Killed Allegedly By Her Spouse

A mid-afternoon murder was reported in Benque Viejo del Carmen. A 25-year-old customs officer was killed reportedly at the hands of her common-law-husband.  Love News spoke to Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Officer in Charge of Benque Viejo Town Formation about the fatal stabbing incident that took place at about 3:15 pm at #28 George Price Street.


“Sometime around 3:15pm Benque Viejo police were called out to #28 George Street Benque Viejo Town. Upon arrival police observed a female lying on the floor in what appeared to be blood with multiple stab wounds to her neck and her chest area. Information received is that there was a domestic dispute and as a result she sustained such injuries and the person who inflicted those wounds is believed to be her common law husband in the name of one Irvin Wade. The injured person’s grandmother was present and observed all that happened including her child. She was rushed to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Police are now investigating. As a matter of fact the common law husband who is said to have committed this crime fled the scene and was subsequently captured in the Central Farm area and he is now in the custody of police.  So from our investigation it is clear that the common law husband is the perpetrator here and we are going to pursue with all leads, all information and statements recorded so far and then we are going to follow through with it. So as it is we are still investigating and hopefully we are going to be advised by the Director of Public Prosecution as to our way forward.”