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CWU and SSB to meet over workers salaries

The Christian Workers Union, CWU, has requested for an urgent meeting with the CEO of the Social Security Board, SSB, Dr. Colin Young. That’s because the patience of CWU members who are employees of the SSB is running thin and we are told that those members are ready to act. In a letter sent to the Dr. Young, the CWU says that the meeting is to address quote, “the Social Security Board’s erroneous computations of payments”. End of quote. The letter is in response to one sent by the SSB to the CWU on December 22, 2017. As we reported last week, the SSB wrote to the CWU with regards to the calculation of the salary increase as contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The disagreement relates to the calculations. It was agreed by both parties that the salaries for each employee will be adjusted by 1.75 percent on the first day of January on 2015 to 2018. While the adjustment was carried out without any issue for the year 2015, CWU members say that the SSB erred in calculating their 2016 and 2017 adjustments. A source within the SSB and the Union told Love News that union members have been sufficiently patient for over two years and are ready to act against the SSB. According to our source, SSB calculated the adjustment using a baseline and not the compounded yearly interest. We are told that what should have been the retroactive effect of the salary adjustment was carried out. This, according to our source, created a variance between what was paid and what was actually payable. We understand that up to tonight, the union members have not been paid the outstanding amount, which our source says is equivalent to almost one half of the actual salary adjustment. We are told that a meeting has been tentatively set for next week Tuesday and if that meeting is not favorable to the union members, as we said, those members have made up their minds to act.