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CWU elects new President

On Saturday, talk show host, Evan Mose Hyde Junior was successful in his bid to become the President of the Christian Workers Union. He bested his opponents Wilmore Staine and Moses Sulph by a large margin. Most of the votes were cast by proxy at the CWU’s Annual General Meeting which took place in Belize City. Hyde received 328 votes while Staine received 72 votes and Sulph received 39 votes. Love News was present for the counting and Hipolito Novelo reports.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

At its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, Evan Mose Hyde was elected as the President of the Christian Workers Union, CWU. Hyde received three hundred and twenty eight votes, or seventy four percent of the votes cast. His opponents, Wilmore Staine and Moses Sulph stood no chance as they received seventy two and thirty nine votes respectively.  So what made this talk show host decide to lead one of the most vibrant and vocal unions in Belize?

Evan Mose Hyde Jr, President Christian Workers Union: It is not because I feel like it is going to be some easy journey but it is because its a hard journey and its because of knowing its hard but important why I felt, listen sometimes you have to get on the ground and I chose being on the ground and I did so I think out of friendship and solidarity but also because I know the importance of collective effort to create better and represent for rights.”

…rights for CWU members who come from different back rounds, profession and lifestyle. Hyde says that the CWU can become one of the strongest unions in Belize if it achieves true unity.

Evan Mose Hyde Jr, President Christian Workers Union: Christian Workers Union is like the rainbow of unions, there is just so many different professions that it covers and there is great diversity and it’s a challenge, it also can be its strength. You have to realize that there is strength in your diversity, it should not be something that holds you down but is it a resolved matter? Is it where it needs to be ? No I think they are still fighting with how to merge, how to become a unit that is operating with one energy, it’s a challenge and there is no denying that. The most important thing is that we need to try unity and that if this union ever is able to coalesce around its identity of being brothers and sisters that it will be one of the nation’s strongest unions because it is able to represent so many different professions, it’s versatile, it’s flexible and it will be able to really brand itself as an umbrella for other workers to come under, it will be a welcoming organization once its able to work around the fact that they are different agencies with people of a different profession, different styles, different flavors and vibes I think thats the challenge that it has.”

The post of President was the only contested position. Forming part of the executive along with Hyde are First Vice President Elias Heredia, Second Vice President Clyde Young and Trustee James Neal. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.