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CWU President Says PBL Has Not Followed the Essential Services Arbitration Tribunal’s Ruling

Another matter on the CWU’s burners has to do with the compliance of the ruling of the tribunal. Back in January, the Essential Services Arbitration Tribunal had delivered its ruling on the dispute between the CWU and PBL. In that ruling the tribunal had directed that PBL confirm the primary stevedores as registered stevedores; promote the twenty-eight secondary substitutes to primary substitutes and invite them to participate in Port of Belize Limited’s insurance scheme and pay their share of contributions to the retirement savings. The tribunal had stated that the PBL was directed to follow its ruling within fourteen days. But, according to CWU President, Evan “Mose” Hyde the port’s management has yet to promote any of its members. Hyde says that either the CWU or the tribunal seems to have the power to force the port to follow the ruling, leaving the union to feel as if it’s trapped in “tigahs mouth”.

Evan “Mose” Hyde, President CWU: “So it’s been almost a month since the tribunal ruling and there’s still no compliance with it. There has been no correspondence or to indicate how they intend to handle it. Zero. The tribunal ruling on the 27th of January. There was an early, the last time I met with you guys, I stated the fact that we were encouraged that there were certain things being done that seemed like they are going to comply to at least the proportions but to this day they have not implemented the proportions. As a union we “deh eena taiga mowt.” As membership “we deh eena taiga mowt.” Belize that’s where we are. Essentially and while in the tiger’s mouth we still have to negotiate with the tiger on a separate interest besides the fact that he has his jaw around our neck.”