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CWU and SSB commence talks

The executive of the Christian Workers Union, the Labour Commissioner, Anne Marie Thompson, and senior staff of  the Social Security Board, SSB, met this afternoon at the Labour Office in Belize City. There was no song of unity sang following the meeting but it was the start of a dialogue to settle differences and they are set to meet again on Friday.  You will recall that in yesterday’s newscast, we told you of the office protests that some union members of the Social Security Board staged to express their discontent that their pension scheme would be moved into private management.  After the meeting, the President of the Christian Workers’ Union, Evan Hyde Jr. told Love news that he is hopeful that an amicable solution can be arrived at.

Evan Hyde Jr. – President of Christian Workers Union: “We just had a conversation with the Labour Commissioner. She asked if she could sit with the union and the management from SSB and we sat. We had a healthy conversation, honest conversation and we have agreed that we will begin a conversation between us on Friday morning. I hope that we are able to work out our way through the outstanding issues and resolve them and do so expeditiously. That is what our teams wants. They want to work on it and get through positively and pivot into a win win situation for the Social Security Board as well as members. We are basically going to go in there with that hopefulness and that commitment to achieving those results. I can’t speak to what will happen. I can just say that we are extremely hopeful.”

SSB workers are not in agreement with the privatization of the pension for fears that it will fail.  The pension is only one of several issues of concern for the SSB workers.