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CXC top scorers revealed

The twenty fourth annual CXC National Award Ceremony to recognize the outstanding students is scheduled to be held on November, 30.  588 students will receive CSEC certificates of excellence, two will receive subject group awards and 31 will will receive individual subject awards.

The Ministry of Education has released the names of the top scorers for Belize in the CXC.  Edward P. Yorke High School topped this year’s CXC results. The Ministry of Education and the CXC National Committee of Belize revealed that the top outstanding performers were from Edward P. Yorke High School. Alexandria Nichole Fermin is the most outstanding candidate for the May-June 2018 CSEC Examinations with a total of sixteen grade one at the general proficiency level. Ashton Mark Tillett place second with fifteen grade one at the General Proficiency Level. Mileya Leesha Figueroa received the subject group award in Technical Vocational. 3,772  candidates registered to sit a total of 27,765 subject entries.