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A cycling Criterium for the Albert Division

The UDP Area Representative for the Albert Division in Belize City is riding the all the way into the Christmas holiday. Over the weekend Tracy Taegar Panton sponsored a cycling criterium. She told Love News that it was quite successful.

Tracey Taegar Panton, Albert Area Representative: “It was really a phenomenal success. The race was really the brainchild of Ms.Kaya Cattouse supported by other members of the business community including Mimi’s restaurant, including Caribbean Shipping and other businesses within the Albert Community. We had of course the support of the Belize City Council in terms of logistics and also some support for prizes but it was a tremendous event in terms of really bringing out the community. Our commitment to sports was evident and it was quite a bit of a sense of community which is important to us and so we hope to make this an annual event at Christmas and we had races for children from as young as three and so to really try to support and encourage our people in the sport of cycling which I think has a huge future for Belize and of course leads into our national cross country every easter and so it was indeed a privilege and honor for us to be the host of that event and we have made a pledge that we will continue to support this event moving forward.”