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Cycling Federation not showing accountability, Tarique Cano says

In his letter Tarique Cano also spoke of several other concerns he has with the management of the Cycling Federation of Belize and the sport itself. According to Cano there is a lack of any systematic and comprehensive criteria for the selection of cyclists to the National Team. He also says that the Federation has failed to send cyclists to the Caribbean Championships in over two years.


“The issue is with the Federation not showing accountability for the stuff that they have been doing financially and with the different processes in terms of selecting national teams, proper development for the cyclists, and for the growth of the sport. Those are some of the main concerns that we have. All of this has been asked and pressed upon them as a cycling body. In the past I have approached Mr. Butler who is the Vice President in terms of Caribbean championships that I would help to fundraise for these people to go. Belizean cyclists have not been a part of the Caribbean championship for the past two years and they say oh, we don’t have any money, we can’t do this, we can’t do that. Fine, it’s something that can happen but I don’t know why they did not want to take heed with the help that I had offered in the past to let it actually come to fruition. Ok so I really don’t know why. Maybe they feel it is impossible, maybe it is because they don’t have the time. It could be that they don’t have the time because this is a voluntary job; you don’t get paid to be on the cycling body. So it can be that they don’t have the time but if people offer you help you should take that help for people to move forward.”

Disputing Cano’s claim is Vice President of the Federation, Orson Butler.


“The selection process is that if I call these top that is in the National Team they will get all the information will be disseminated to those riders, not everybody else because these are the National Team members. So if when the trip does come up like for example our event that took place in the Central American games all these riders already know that the chances are of six going so they trained and we check in to them time to time and when the trip comes we pick the best out of that crowd to go and represent the Federation. So I’m not sure where Mr. Cano is getting his information.”


“Sending cyclists to the Caribbean Championship he says that the CFB has failed to do so.”


“In 2014 both female and elite went to Curacao, the following year we went to Barbados however in 2016 and 2017 these events were held in the French Islands and you have to travel to either El Salvador or St. Lucia and remain there for 72 hours in order to get a visa to travel to these countries- that is a financial strain to the federation and also the Olympic Committee so in those two instances we didn’t take part that is the same for some of the other Caribbean countries these two years the events in these two countries in the French Islands there was a 50% turn out compared to the other years where you had 80% or 90%. The visa application is a difficult one and it’s a financial strain to any organization to get so they abstain from going. Ever since 2016 we have the junior going to St. Lucia to the Caribbean Championships and then 2017 they went to Barbados so Mr. Cano needs to get his facts right before he runs to the media.”

According to Cano, several other cyclists have expressed similar concerns.