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Cyclist Justin Williams will not pedal to Belize in 2020

he disappointment that the top three spots were taken by foreigners was felt by the riders and fans from every age.  The postmortem examination at the end of each national race usually ends by blaming the organization responsible for the sport. But one particular rider has made it clear he will bow out and not ride at the Cross Country Classic in 2020.  Justin Williams made a Facebook post saying QUOTE We come to Belize every year to represent our family and friends. .. We … can’t help but feel slighted by the Cycling Federation of Belize. So, we will not be returning to the Cross Country Classic in 2020 if the Cycling Federation of Belize doesn’t allow us to bring a team to help us fight for the Garland. We will no longer take on the burden of trying to win with unfair odds.  Every year it’s something else. Now Cory & I don’t qualify for Belizean prizes because our license doesn’t say BIZ, but we are still held by the standard that Belizean teams are. (Cory and I) cannot have foreign riders on their team. I still haven’t seen some of my prizes from my first (2015) and second (2018) Cross Country Championships including the land I was promised. So enough is enough…To the public, thank you for all the support over the years. I truly love being your champ and felt pain riding to the finish knowing I let you down.UNQUOTE

We reached out to Orson Butler, the President of the Belize Cycling Federation for comment throughout the day but late this evening he indicated he was busy.