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Dale Trujeque resigns as the President of the CWU

Dale Trujeque is no longer the President of the Christian Workers Union, CWU. The union’s Vice President, Basil Brannon has taken up the post of Acting President for the last month. According to emails shared between CWU’s executive and Trujeque, his resignation became effective on October 31, 2017. Trujeque’s short stint as CWU president ended due to family reasons. The next president will be elected during the CWU’s next Annual General Meeting in March 2018. Trujeque was elected as President of the CWU in February of 2017. From the emails we’ve seen, Trujeque did not necessarily leave gracefully. There was a back and forth with the CWU Executive over stipend and the date when his resignation should be effective. In a letter dated December 1, 2017, Trujeque wrote that he was left befuddled as to why the Executive did not accept his resignation effective November 30 but rather October 31. In the email, he said quote, “This is not an issue about the stipend, as I did not expect to be given any for November, notwithstanding that when possible and when I had the time throughout November, I sought to give my input on matters whenever I could. That is how I operate.” End of quote. However, General Secretary for the CWU Floyd Neal sent an email to the membership informing them that the CWU Executive Board met in an emergency session where they accepted Trujeque’s resignation, effective October 31, 2017.