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Dangerous Real Estate : Gill Street addressed by Police

Gill Street resident, Eric Tillett was shot on Tuesday.  Prior to that, a gunman shot into the window of the Felix family home and shot Alva Moody and killed three year old Etana Bennett. The police say it’s the work of rivaling criminal elements in the area and they are doing their best to quell the situation.

DCP Chester Williams Commander of Operations: Over the past week the slight increase in shooting incidents and they have been two murders. We have the murder that took place on the boulevard with Mr. Raymond Arnold and we had the murder of the child, the three year old. Based on those activities we have stepped up our Police operations in the Port Loyola area with a view to be able to contain the ongoing feud within the rivaling groups in that area. I will tell you that it is not an easy task because when you have people who are going at each others and live in close proximity of each other it is not something that can easily be dealt with but as a department we will continue to do our best operationally to see how we can bring an end to the ongoing feud. With that you will see that we currently have a checkpoint on Gil St. We also have one on the Boulevard and there are other operational things that we have put in place that i will not say to be able to quil the situation. We have now put the checkpoint at the center portion between Cesar Ridge and Fabers Rd. on Gil St. so the distance to both end of the streetm  is now equal and with that particular incident the suspect was in a bushy lot and the suspect was waiting in the bushes and when the victim and the girlfriend came home on a motorcycle he came out of the bushes and he fired one shot hitting the victim Mr. Tillet in his foot so though the police was on the street they were more up and it was not possible for them to have been able to see the area where the shooting occurred so we made adjustment to be able to amend that situation.

Police have made an arrest in the murder of construction worker,Samuel Elias Zelaya Cosme. (VO STARTS) 33-year-old Reainard Randey Ferguson of Neal Penn Road Extension has been charged with murder.

Cosme was killed in his pickup near the Haulover Bridge, his body was found on Monday morning.